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Compass Services and InfoTronics have teamed up to provide a solution to keep pace with the changing dynamics of workforce management. Control of labor costs is critical to being competitive in any size of business. We can provide you with an automated system that is designed to track and manage time and attendance information and produce powerful information to help supervisors and managers stay on budget. Human Resources, Scheduling and Payroll, are all integrated into one dynamic package!

Attendance Enterprise from InfoTronics

As part of the InfoTronics distribution network, we are proud to offer web-enabled Attendance Enterprise from InfoTronics, the full-featured time and attendance solution that takes the work out of labor management.

With Attendance Enterprise, you can:

› Calculate and maintain accurate attendance records

Attendance Enterprise handles all of your time and attendance needs — automating pay stipulations of complex labor contracts, maintaining unassailable wage and hour records, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations such as FMLA.

› Integrate technology and information seamlessly

Achieve maximum flexibility with remote PC, wireless and card data input; integration with existing HR databases; flexible payroll system interfaces; complete scheduling functions; automated pay rule calculations and more.

› Empower employees through the web

Employees can track their time cards and their benefits online—even request time off. Attendance Enterprise’s Employee Self Service empowers employees while reducing workload for HR. With Manager Self Service, managers can access the system through a company network or via the web.

Attendance Enterprise Product Highlights

Optimize employee resources with labor management tools

Comprehensive reporting of labor cost and time allocation helps businesses evaluate labor strategies.

Automate work and pay rules for contractual and regulatory compliance

Attendance Enterprise easily calculates gross pay according to each company’s rules and maintains compliance with state and federal labor requirements.

Handle attendance issues with performance management tools

Attendance Enterprise helps managers enforce attendance policies fairly, impartially and consistently. Attendance Enterprise's Incidents and Points module measures employee behavior against corporate attendance policies and automates enforcement.

Grant and pay benefits according to company policy

Attendance Enterprise’s Benefit Accruals module automates the accrual of benefits, based on rules that can be tailored to company policy—without administrator intervention.

Support mobile and remote employees through web and wireless access

Employee Self Service (ESS) provides web access for employees to view their schedules, time cards and benefits. Employee Kiosk provides a browser-based interface for employee inquiries. Supervisors use Manager Self Service to view employee information, perform transactions, and make changes to time cards, schedules and other information.